Who we are

Dixon Group Services has been replacing and repairing windows & doors in the Atlanta Metro Area for more than 20 years, our high quality products and our excellent customer service is what set us apart. Whether you are looking for replacing your windows, or repairing them, Dixon Group Services is the best Windows Contractor in Atlanta you are looking for. Our extensive knowledge on windows repairs in Atlanta and wide line of replacements of windows will enhance your home’s curb appeal, your home’s climate comfort and will reduce the time and effort required to maintain them. We take pride of our Windows and Doors services by offering the best warranty in the market. Here at Dixon, we always recommend using Atlanta Energy Efficient Windows & Doors for its numerous benefits such as:
• Substantially reduce heating and cooling seasonal costs.
• Improve daylight and visibility using Low E coatings.
• Help reduce fading fabrics, furnishings and flooring. Low E coating from ultraviolet rays
We only use top quality Windows & Doors materials: Master and Lansing

Why choose Dixon Group Services for your windows repairs or  replacement?

Professional and certified installation.

Safety First: Replacing windows is not a hard task to do for an experienced window contractor like Dixon Group Services, we will take all potential danger hazards away from the job.

Noise Reduction .

New technology reduce noise so when you are in your home, you can block out the ever increasing noise from traffic in our area.

Reduce heating and cooling seasonal costs.

Save money on your Electricity Bills: Energy Efficient windows and doors will save on your electricity bill and are kind to the enviroment. In addition, many of our Dixon customers have frecuently qualified for credits from their electric company and tax returns.

Beauty plus technology

At Dixon Group Services our goal is to combine the latest technology in energy efficiency with the right design for your home, to bring you the best constructed energy saving vinyl or aluminum windows on the market today.